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The Most Rev.

Christopher Lwanga Tusubira

Co-Presiding Archbishop

Ecclesiastical Province of Uganda


The Most Rev.

Dr. Moses Paul Rajasingh

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of India


The Most Rev.

Mary Ajisafe


Ecclesiastical Province of Nigeria


The Most Rev.

Orlando Arce

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Provinces of Colombia,  Mexico, Argentina & Peru. 


The Most Rev.

Dr. Jerry John Allotey

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of Ghana


The Most Rev.

David Manyok Lual


Ecclesiastical Province of North East (Upper Nile Region) South Sudan


The Most Rev.

Peter Deng Ayom


Ecclesiastical Province of North Western (Bahr El Ghazal Region) South Sudan


The Right Rev. 

Dr. Joel Ambundo

Suffragan Bishop

Ecclesiastical Province of Kenya


The Right Rev. 

Seun Adeoye

Suffragan Bishop

Ecclesiastical Province of Nigeria


The Right Rev.

John Gidudu

Suffragan Bishop

Ecclesiastical Province of Uganda


The Right Rev.

Dr. Crosswin Pakianthan

Suffragan Bishop

Ecclesiastical Province of India


The Right Rev.

Karina Luna


Ecclesiastical Province of Argentina


The Most Rev.

Christine Mercy Johnson, PhD.

Co-Presiding Archbishop

Ecclesiastical Province of USA


The Most Rev.

Dr. Elijah Abuoi Arok

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of South Sudan


The Most Rev.

Dr. Akinbode Oke

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of Nigeria


The Most Rev. 

Paulo Sergio Ferreira

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of Brazil


The Most Rev. 

Dr. Edward Abraham Amwayi

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of Kenya


The Most Rev.

Barnabas Titung

Archbishop Primate

Ecclesiastical Province of Nepal


The Most Rev. 

Dr. Jan Beaderstadt

Archbishop/Apostolic Nuncio

Ecclesiastical Province of USA, and Adviser to the Co-Presiding Archbishops


The Most Rev. 

Dr. John S. Erbelding

Archbishop (Semi Retired)

Ecclesiastical Province of the USA


The Right Rev.

Dr. David Abraham Parker

Suffragan Bishop

Ecclesiastical Province of the USA


The Right Rev.

David Majak Mabior

Suffragan Bishop

Ecclesiastical Province of North Western South Sudan


The Right Rev.

Gilbert Palacios


Ecclesiastical Province of Peru


The Rev.

Diego Diaz


Chaplain to the House and College of Bishops & Private Secretary to Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson


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Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira

Archbishop Christine Mercy Johnson, PhD.

Archbishop Dr. Edward A. Amwayi

Archbishop Dr. John S. Erbelding

Archbishop Dr. Elijah Abuoi Arok

Archbishop Dr. MosesPaul Rajasingh

Archbishop Dr. Akinbode Oke

Archbishop Barnabas Titung

Archbishop David Manyok Lual

Archbishop Peter Deng Ayom

Archbishop Paulo Sergio Ferreira

Archbishop Dr. Jerry John Allotey

Archbishop Mary Ajisafe

Archbishop Orlando Arce

Archbishop Dr. Jan Beaderstadt

Bishop Seun Adeoye

Bishop John Fredy Gomez

Bishop Dr. Shekinah Violet Effiong

Bishop Dr. Samuel Manickam

Bishop Bebebaraseigh Michel Ebiye

Bishop Imran Bhatta

Bishop Gbenga Akande

Bishop Dr. Eliazer Koilpitchaie

Bishop Dr. Abraham David Parker

Bishop Julius Olayinka

Bishop Chukwuegu Uchenna

Bishop Alex Homero Pacheco Vega

Bishop Pablo Parra Catelbondo

Bishop German Oswaldo Becerra

Bishop David Majak Mabior

Bishop Minikumar Stephen Rai

Bishop Dr. Nwandu Onuoha

Bishop John Gidudu

Bishop Michael Anyar Garang Atem

Bishop David Ottenda

Bishop Abraham Makuoi Majuil

Bishop Marry Yar Ater

Bishop John Gai Majak

Bishop Dr. Joel Ambundo

Bishop Dr. Crosswin H. Pakianathan

Bishop Dr. Mathew Kehinde

Bishop-E Albert Mthanjiswa Majozi

Bishop José Luis Mirales

Bishop Dr. Alexander Collazo

Bishop Dr.  Prakash Simon

Bishop-E Gilbert Palacios

Bishop-E Wellington Mbulelo Setenane

Bishop-E Dr. Jeyaseelan Mathuram

Bishop Dr. Mariaraj Ngl

Bishop Peter Kaweta-Chavule

Bishop-E Wilton Gomez

Bishop Samuel Sebuufu

Bishop-E Francisco Cuadro

Bishop Karina Luna

Bishop Jolm Alexander Zambrano Hernández

Bishop Visho Hiunitto Strongns

Bishop Dom Carlos Ayres Santos Fonseca




The Very Rev. Emmanuel Solofoson

The Very Rev. Golden Charles 

Chaplain Rev Diego Diaz

Rev Canon Godwin Okpara

Rev Dr. James Olufemi Bamidele

Rev Jackson Ondara Ombasa

 Rev Antoine Nzayisenga

Rev Suilabayuh Carol Ngah

Rev Teddy Sichings

Michael Dhieu Muong

Rev. Michael Chol Marial


Global Parenting Network – USA 

Chaplain James Kevin O’Connor – USA

Apostle Dr. Chukwunenye Onuoha – USA 

Apostle Bishop Virgil D. Taylor – USA

 EagleM International Fellowship – USA

Bishop Herman Smith – USA

Rev. Quincy Carr – USA

Now Faith Ministry Church - USA

Rev. Morris Eason – USA

Rev. Indya Owens-Taylor – USA 

Rev. Clarice Staten - USA

Elder Mark Fenderson - USA

Now Faith Ministry Church – USA 

Ricks Brothers Foundation – USA

Grace Calvary Christian Ministries – Kenya

Eternal Glory Ministries – Kenya


Archbishop Dr. George Alexander McGuire, Founder and Patriarch (28 March 1866 – 10 November 1934)

Archbishop Vincent Millard Waterman, Presiding Patriarch (19 January 1926 – 22 January 2019)

Bishop Jacob Dhieu Garang (16 January 1952 – 6 June 2020)





We greatly appreciate all our brothers and sisters in the Lord who pray with, and for us. Our relationship with Christians from diverse denominations is a gift we truly cherish. None of us can be effective in ministry without the gift of prayer partners, and we make a concerted effort to remember all of our partners every day. Many of us belong to a online church, telephone prayer group, and/or ministry zoom conference, where we lift up each other’s specific areas of concern, and we rejoice in sharing testimonials from our congregations when prayers are answered for God’s glory. We come together when there is a community or world crisis, and participate in community gatherings praying for those walking through the valley of the shadow of death. If you would like to join us, please contact us to find a group in your area, or to be trained in how to lead a prayer gathering. Let us join together for the most important gift that one Christian can give to another – Prayer.

Wheat Field

Bishop Ronnie Walker
Archbishop Sebastian
Archbishop Akwa Clovis
Archbishop Bassey Inyang
Bishop Precious A Ikem
Elder David Davis
Apostle William S. Donald III
Archbishop Jordan
Archbishop Sebastian
Bishop-elect Precious AIkem
Bishop Thimothy Parishapogu
Bishop Manzoor Alam
Apostle Douglas H.Taylor
Bishop Herman Smith
Bishop Melvin Howard
Bishop Derrick Hanna
Bishop Archange Gabriel
Prelate Bishop Craig Mobley
Bishop Celestine Uboh
Bishop Charles Wright
Bishop Innocent Akulewe
Bishop Joseph McGauley
Bishop Michael E. McSwain
Bishop Glenn Duncan
Bishop Derrick Truesdale
Bishop Prince J. Moultry
Bishop Ron Allen
Bishop Joseph L. Ricks
Bishop Archange Gabriel
Archbishop James Haruna
Bishop Archie L McInnis II
Bobby Land Jr.
Apostle Kevin B. Robinson
Primate Bishop Mohan Lal
Pastor Quincy Carr
Pastor Paul Harper
D.F. Allen Pastor
PastorWilfrid Colin
Ahsan Pastor
Pastor-Carl Bowen
Senior Pastor Mark Miles
Pastor Thom Miller
Pastor-Brian Ob Haskin
Pastor-favour Eguasa
Pastor Scott McCrary
Pastor Gugu
Pastor Dr. Willie Moody
Pastor Willie Tolbert
Pastor Alphus Andega
Apostle Bobby Dee
Apostle William Harrell
Minister Bilal Ali
Pastor Angela Hood Marshall
Al Frierson
Frank A Lloyd II
Reverend Joseph Allen Cahill
Apostle Steve West
Pastor Bernie West
Kevin Adu
Okwir Lawrence
John Robinson
Rev-Eric Kwaku Dzakpasu
Vinay Masih
Geoffrey Gathirwa
Ambati Pushparaj
Nathaniel McNeil
Arisen Shine Biblechurch
Pst Shaldon Kibali
Nal Atlarep
Martin Rogers Nsimbe
Judah Church
Daniel Kasongo
Robert Bamiro Akande
Malcolm GodsentOne Spurlock
Michael Rose
Nations Prayer
Marc Bobby Korleyson
EvangelistMicheal Abiodun
Monseñor Alejandro
Walter Grant Gantala
Theon Trammell
Reverend-Albert Ocran
Freddie L. Moore II
Evangelist Bishop Mcmore Salima
Pastor Minani Justin
Reenita Breeona Keys
Apostle Tweneboah Kodua Nana
Reginald Burrell
Fredy Moreno Vargas
Michael Wilson
Apow Church
Leandro Antunes Campos
Reverand Osborne
Robish Raju
Roelie Etsebeth
Jordan S. Caldwell
Fr.Chris Salamy
Onyamesomfo Oliver
Emmanuel Omoobajesu
Domingo Antonio Rodriguez German
Kevin M. Jackson
Angel Daniel Barrera
Oliver Vedangi
Jesse Thomas
Bishop Ezekiel Newton
Mount Zion Apostolic Church
David C Holdridge
Payne Seminary
Stratford Ntcg
Propht Anointed Talent
Markos Leal
Khern Oliver
Diego Sabogal Gutiérrez
Paulus Nunes Patriarca
JuanPaulus Nunes Patriarca
Juan María Tellería Larrañaga María
TheNewliving WordChurch
Pastorpraise Bassey
Bishop Mathebula
Justice Bynum
Francisco Javier Alonso
K Fitzgerald Price
Justice Bynum
Francisco Javier Alonso
K Fitzgerald Price
Keith Sweat
Abad Perez
Brian T. Hamilton
Roberto Faya Amaro
Alan Dwayne O’Neal
David Munford
Cheeno Lledo
Luis Carlos Martelo Misionero Anglicano
Dan-iel Roma
Folajinmi Morenikeji
Antonio Reginaldo Barrocas Marques
Jerry Brunner
Susie S. Shipman
Derrick Young
Patience BL Aidoo
Tamiko Stewart
Jeremiah Bansah
Overseer David Hibinga
Overseer Alexander Coburn
Overseer KB Colson-Brooks
Overseer Gail A. Roberson
Frank James Foster
Donald M. Rollerson
L Andre Person
Maurice Stevenson
Matthew Cwesi Atokple
Pst Antonio
Pst John Omondi
Pst Lilian Isaac Aigbogun
Pastor Ted Fattoross
Elder Thomas Ross
Pastor Will Coleman
Elder Zacharia Kabia
Evangelist Cynthia Boyer
Evangelist Javed Khan
Evangelist Antonio Rock
Evangelist Michelle Felder
Evangelist George Opare Ameyaw
Evangelist Blessed Elemchukwu
Evangelist Steven Rothschild
Evangelist Oscar Enow Baiye
Evangelist Cynthia Cooper
Evangelist Omelia Frazier-Thornton
Evangelist Marien White
Evangelist Brenda J. Shorts
Evangelist Mary Washington-Everette
Evangelist Ella Knight
Evangelist Darryl G Gilliam
Evangelist Augustine Thomas Ansumana
Evangelist Doris Peyton
Doctor Morris Durman
Edward Robinson
Reverend Joseph Allen Cahill
Rev. Ron Morales
Alex Maduka JP
Matthew Cwesi Atokple Repentant
Rev. Dr. R. Mark Giuliano
Pastor Lansana F. S. Minah
Pastor Gareth Wilde
Michael D. Samuels Pastor
Revelator Benjamin Opoku
Reverend-Thomas Andrews
Monnie Williams Ehizibue
DrBrent James
Zions Remnant
Walter Opollo
James H Alexander
Elder Ira J Brazzle
Yvette Sanchez
Larry Young
Daniel Siggers
Bishop Jay
Pastor Derrick L. Tanyhill
King’s Arrival Announcer
Mark E. Flowers
Jesus BE A Fence
Mazwi Ndikolo
David Protus Wangili
Afm Greater Grace
Rose Jones
KH Pastor Andreas
Bishop Lucky Moloantoa
Clive Kannigan
Mercygeorge Isaac
Richard Oppong Owusu
New Birth Ministries
Ronald Rucker
Bishop Pathra
Lenyar Sloan-Robinson
Steven Hickerson Page II
Johnny E Whitney
Eddie Williams
Pastor-Marilyn Fenderson
Mauro Angel Suarez
Ivan Keith Hawkins
Sam Richardson
Remos Ngule
Ptr Nardo Lacey
Derail Smith
Prentice Head III
Ps TD Lethulachipi
Greater Grace Church
Jeffrey A. Steele Steele
Marcelline Robinson
Blondell Rosier
Prrophet Emmanuel Gyamfi
Jesús Rodríguez
Uzoma Jude Uzoma
Light for Nations Church
Praise Thaiparambil
Luis Felipe Oliveros Gómez
Nathaniel Burge
Evangelist Zacks Akeem
Apostle Bertha Jones
Rock Fremont
Bishop JT Cohen
Pastor McKivett
Rvda D Elsie Ramos
Jonathan Peter Clayton
Lovie May IV
Bishop Kevin Praise White
Majeed Naz Ashiq
DrJohn Osborne
Sagar Gill
Eternallifetv Eternallifetv
Bishop Mugume B. Richard
Ron Geilen
Monseñor Manuel Ancizar Sanchez Duran
PastorKevin Horton
Gwendolyn G. Young
Mercygeorge Isaac
Payne Seminary
Stratford Ntcg
Propht Anointed Talent
Markos Leal
Khern Oliver
Horacio Alberto Robledo Vargas
Ezequiel Junior
Samuel Timothy
Mary Parker
Paul Zimmerman
Carlos Enrique Lainfiesta
Bishop Pramod Goni
Matt Whitley
MT Zion Cogic
Evangelist Marci Dave Epps-Johnson
New Haven Church
Ugbine God’spower Ogaga
Nkiruka Peter Newman
Kimberly Warren
Solomon Sandhya Prabhavathi
Les Bruce
Marcia Hutchinspn
Joseph Byrd
Abp Chukwuereka Iheanachor
Bishop Adolphus Summerville
Rodney Chandler
Juan Manuel Castro Cortes
Scott Bell
Pablo Cesar González
Apostle Kenny Outlaw
Randal W Deese
Prevailing Zion Church
Felix Agyemang
Charity Gardner
Lighthouse Pentecostal Church
Frank Antwi
Debbie D Godwin
Apostleprophet E Sibanda
Christian Romero
Bishop King
Apostle Edward Campbell
Andrew Magee
Apostle David Uchechukwu Davidson
Ehud Innocent
Bishop Yousaf Sohail
Riaz Masih
Bernardhem Baroi

Bishop M. Collins
Andrew Lee
Francisco Rodrigues
Horacio Alberto Robledo Vargas
Ezequiel Junior
Samuel Timothy
Bishop Isaac Idahosa
Tellería Larrañaga
Paulus Nunes Patriarca
Juan María Tellería Larrañaga
Apostle Calvin Brown
Martins Denni Alexander
Morris E. Hunter
Apst Richard Mwape Brown
Sunday Mohlabe
Brandon Mckinnedy
Aramis Rodríguez
Carlos Neyre
FrJohn Prokopiuk
Aramis Rodríguez
BroEmmanuel BroEmmanuel
Carlos Neyre
Terril Littrell
Jim Waters
Sergio Enrique Sanmiguel Muñoz
Rt Rev-Dr Roshan Jambhale
Ramon Ubiera Torres
Dom Erikc Yauri
Hyvenson Joseph
Bishop Michael Scalzi
Pastor-Ernie Scales
Pastor Valerie Blackmore
Pastor Gary Siggers
Pastor Toya Alexander
PastorJohn Faith Mugisha
Pastor’Alethea Randolph
Pastor Inky Olayiwole
Pastor Wales Trent
Minister Greg Mills
Minister James E. Brooks Jr.
Minister Clifton Reed
MinisterDon Barnes
Minister Ellis
Minister J A Smith
Minister Gary K Ross
Minister David Latimore
Minister Rodney Anderson
Minister Rucker
Minister Jovon Rooks
Stephanie Y Bland
Bruce Robinson Jr.
Jerome Wilson
William J. Wilson
Min Matthew Hill
Elder Vincent Castellano
Elder Wanda Whitaker
Apostle Rocky Wright
Apostle Franklin Chidozie
Elder Coylette James
Elder Sharon Anderson
Elder Thomas C. Battle Jr.
Elder Clarence Saunders
Elder John Lee Garrett Sr.
Elder L. B. Shirden
Elder Johnson
Elder Joshua M. Washington
Elder Jamar Jamerson
Elder Sherry Hanchett
Elder James Harrison Jr.
Elder Clarence Johnson
Elder Austin Whitaker
Rev. Dr. Gregory McMillan
Rev. HC Mensah
Rev. David Rotimi Odunaiya
Rev. Wayne Snodgrass
Reverend Alex Bart-Plange
Rev. Jimmie Dean Smith
Rev. Mathew Authority
Rev. Jef Jordan
Teresa Balasz
Joe Lewis
Dhikange Moses
Lisa Blanks
Evenglist Amjad Babar
Wms-Palmer Evangelist Tamika
Revival Ringjwat John
Totoy Bato
Teboho Mofokeng
Jeremy Hassan Jackson Shoffner
Oak Grove MB Church
Faith Chapel Cogic
Wisny Naissance
Overseer Cobb
Michael Bobien
Shanae Edwards
Sithembiso Yende
Bishop Naris
Chris Ifeanyi
Amalapaani Church Gorkha
Apostle Ricky Jugger
Evangelist Meshark Ogidi Chigozie
Darrell Shavers
Bishop Akanni T. Stephen
Sello Takalo
Curtis Miller
Bishop Charles Daniel
Princess Shepard
DrEdgar Gonzalez Jaime
Apotle John
Bishop Jeff Mabry
Prophète Dan Daniel’s Mombo
Angus Benson
Winston Arries
Pasteur Sarssa Ngouandzeli Wick
Waco Choir
Pst Philip
Bishop Daniel Wright
Pst John Osagie
Moses Egole
Senior Pastor Ak Stephen
Lance Jeter
Reggie Hall
Prophet-Benedicto Pineda
Daniel Paul Richards
Thamsanqa William Mbakaza
Mons Willam Ariza Enciso
Leonardo Andrés Segura González
Apstle Ruben Broadnax
Sharon EdmondMinistries
Cristian Romero
Bishop King
Anele Ngodwane
Sadhu Daniel
Juan Ramon Lopez
Greg Farrand
PastorEdvige M. LeCroix
Laurence Martin
Bishop Ray A. Lee
Omar Escalante Saravia
Bill Bennett
Ron Geilen
Monseñor Manuel Ancizar Sanchez Duran
PastorKevin Horton
Gwendolyn G. Young
Mercy george Isaac
Bechard Gina
Victor Ramon Isai Mendoza Flores
Pastorkingsley Chinedu
Victor Cruz Blanco
Apst Israel Peter
Bishop Judah Dinthe
Pastoŕ NJ Zulu
Apostle Charles C Jones
Lisa Bennett
Antonio Lopez
Abp Akinbode Oke
Kulukuma Amon
Innocent Emmanuel
Isaac Idahosa
Diego Sabogal Gutiérrez
Justice Bynum
Francisco Javier Alonso
K Fitzgerald Price
Bishop Orellana
Jeanmarie Charles Frére Sénéchal
Bishop Abel Kungu Snr
P Angel Andres
ev Prophète Frédéric Dagou
Vijai Singh
Isaac Maseko Live
Richard Chambliss
Arley Ortiz Mastrapa
Porres Griffin
Bishop Joel Edmond
Obispo Henry Bonilla
Yepiskop Apxahren
Grace Etchurch
Kendall Davis
Roger Purol Magsayo
Wynnton Hill Baptist
New Covenant Church
Alexander Jesus Barroso Urdaneta
Giovanni Climaco Mapelli
Mount Olive Oyster Bay
Pst Simeon Okehielem
Bishop JoAnn White
Gerhard Staats
P Francesco Maria
JW McCoy
Rick Daniels
Fray Angel Munoz
pastor Cheryl Williams
Rachel Jordan
Romel Johnson Sr
Apostle John Jackson Jr.
Pst Sunny Ghulab
Timothy Mcmonigal
Endurance Moris
Fam Lif IntFel
Beyt Lechem
Bishop Nicholas Acres
Carreen Clarke
Paul Jayakar Kakileti
A.P Theological College & Research Institute
George Adebanjo
Mashumi Sithole
Carlos O Goodrich
Piedra Viva
Apostle N B Mazibuko
Emmanuel Nkosinathi Penuel
Rev Thomas Ily Sulfridge
Evangelist Chad Jones
Robert R. Holliday
Anil Sam George
Isaac Newfield Commey
Bethel Ame Macon
Glory Divine-Wisseh
Chizurum Churchil Izuwah
Apostle O. A Samuel
Prophetic Voice
Michael Masih
Timothy Cox
Joshua M. Daniels
Mark Tross
Valére Olomo Edouna
Apostolic Evangelistic Faith Church
Patriarche Jean Abboud
Bishop Anthony Dixon
Bishop Julius N. Ortega
David Chaney
Jim Lucas
John D. Perry II
Wayne C Solomon
Darnell Glenn
Mauricio Bernardino Soares
Prophett Matthew
Tim Williams
The-Masters Promise
Kalanzi Jude
Kabelo Mabaso
Biskup Krzysztof Nieciąg
Potipher Mumba
John Perumbalath
Clark Brothers
Apóstol Erick Torres
Nathaniel L. Whaley
Manuel Williams
Bishop C E Glenn
Overseer Cory Griffin
Shammah Womack-El
Terço Dos Homens Santo Agostinho
Emmanuel Frimpong
Sharon Thomas
Lester Woods
Apostle Sunny K Ekhaguere
Pasteur Dady Lema
Larry Johnson
Audrey Drummonds
Apostle Glen Prince
Iris Essences
Angelae M Jones
Christopher T Moore
Emmanuel Ezekiel
Awurade Akoa Gideon
Christine Wilson
Falene S. Best
Christopher Clark
David Munford
Angela Johnson
Umberto Puato
Pastor Sherilyn Fletcher
Bishop Julius Akindor
T T Pope Crusades
Seminarista Diaz Soriano
Ronaldo Pedro
Ann Gliha
Eledith Lopez
Paul Gaultney
Richard Edward Helmer
Reverendo Jorge Bautista
Weston Mathews
David Madsen
Rony Sarker Shoag
Bishop J. Franklin Tompkins
DrMarvin Smith
Francois P Aigeldinger
Scott Anson Benhase
PastorElizabeth Sauerman
Jim Trimble
Pascal Lardinois
Thomas Clark
Jofre Gallegos
Christ En Revivals
Lisa Goforth
Edmund Royce Griffin Sr.
Bishop Adrian Serrano
Bishop Nina Paul
Mark Andrew Jones
Mary Thorpe
Charles Carvalho
Humberto Yanez
Domingo Faundez Millar
P Andrés García

Apostle Mcebisi Ketelo
Derail Smith
Prentice Head III
Ps TD Lethulachipi
Ernest Mulenga
Pad John Buitrago
Fredy Moreno Vargas
Michael Wilson
Apow Church
Leandro Antunes Campos
Evangelist Prince Joshua
David Rodriguez
Arzobispo Josue
Shepherdess Rose E. Pruitt-Wells
Ernest Mulenga
Pad John Buitrago
Evangelist Favour
Fidelis Eluemunoh
Impact Deliverance
Patrikios Deen
Rhonda Soul Food Music Colvin
Victor Pastor Nhlapho
Joseph Matsaneng
GeneralBwambale Haggai
Évangéliste Babia Cyrilcy
Kelly Daniels
PastorDawn Davis-Lawrence
Stallard Church
Jonathan Peter Clayton
Lovie May IV
Bishop Kevin Praise White
Majeed Naz Ashiq
Dr. John Osborne
Sagar Gill
Eternallifetv Eternallifetv
Bishop Mugume B. Richard
Mary Parker
Alvin Rucker
Apostle Charles C Jones
Lisa Bennett
Antonio Lopez
Abp Akinbode Oke
Kulukuma Amon
Apostle Innocent Albert
Umberto Puato
Pastor Sherilyn Fletcher
Bishop Julius Akindor
T T Pope Crusades
Seminarista Diaz Soriano
Ronaldo Pedro
Ann Gliha
Eledith Lopez
José Viladecans
Alvin Rucker
Paul Fromberg
Elias Elias
David John
Mahi Bhogadi
Kerry Buttram
Saul Manuel Maimoni Aguiar
David Roberson
Pastor and copastor Williams
Rev Calvin B. Doeyou
Barlin Govender
Bishop Nicodemus Wokuri Wekwanya
Charles Hargrave
Pst Fred Liboyi
Angela Goodall
Bishop Robert Wanjala Makona
Bishop Mark R. Anderson
Evangelist Daniel James
Deacon Dino Ornido
Sheka Mansaray
Eddie Holton
Apostol Vincent Vincent
TrueCovenant WorshipCenter
Yvette Benton
Bobby D Lewis
Marvin Finn
Reggie Campbell
Letisha Powell Rice
Hamin Chamberlain
Betty Woolforlk
Pastor Dennis R Williams
Mari Brown Strong
Sharon Chatman
Marcus Euroclydon Fisher Jr.
Marilyn Todman
Kenneth Conrad Eyim-Danquah
Bishop John G. Ndungu
Bishop Randy Parker
Apostle King Solomon Otabor
Jaylen Evans
Shon Simpson
Shepherd Call
Leonardo Marin
Daniel Singco Espinosa
Prophète Élisée Obiho
Ginger Crudup Williams
Tony Faire
Linda Covington
Francis Chacha Shalom
Bishop Bright Asuquo
Pastor Samuel Joe
Thomas Battle III
Percy Howard
Apostle Moses Lukonde
David E. Robinson
Nbici Pastor McBride
Joshua Deshawn Copes
RevJerrick McCall
Chukwudi G. Ezeobele
Holyghostministry Lagos
Imani Atlhop
Ndumiso Manentsa
Dennis Khaemba
Andre Bosby Sr.
Mervyn Peters
Toria Ellis
Kimera Pastor Alpha
Rastarian ChristLove Muteule
Vaillancourt Doug
Erick Machuki Ogach
Bishop O C Coleman
Antwain Alexander
Apostle Tim Hopkins
Bishop F S Richards
John Degraffenreidt
Bishopterry Wright
Mis Umaɣlal
Anthony Calico
Delmar Livingston Allen
Edward Brown
Phillip Crabtree
Denita M. Gibbs
Chris Bennett
Zosimo Lozada
Scott Calvert
Faith Deliverance
Bishop Herman Smith
Dexter B. Oliver
John Gaikwad
Ndumiso Noluthando Mabena
Rodney Angela Prather
Terry M Clark
Dwayne Murray
Barbara Williams
Stephen Yarborough
Daina Bennett
Sammie White
Bishop Ray C Mann Sr.
Andre Jermaine Lewis
Cornelious Coe
Jules Anderson Jr
Godwin Ike
Corey Gassaway
Prophetic Field Moses Wonders
Juan Possible
Pastor-Jude Ohaja
Bishop Ekoja Timwealth
Alfred Apst Mensah
Bishop Davis Williams
Gerald Mabhena
Myron Bridges
Akeem Rashid
Khurram Shahzad
Bishop Flory Balali
FrJohn Prokopiuk
Reverendo Federico Ibañez
Alex Temple
Japheth Musyoka
Deacon Rich Napoli
Sam Smith
Earl Bledsoe
Brown’s Town Tabernacle Church
P Edwin O. Velez Castro
Sebastián Camacho Bentancur
Nestor Leonel Bustos Amezquita
Didier Perdomo Lopez
Apostol Felix Achuka
Cliff Wesley
Nelson Lopez
Nicole Foster
Marcus Taiye
Richard Lemus
David Justin Lynch
Bishop Raphael Simfukwe
Francisco Alberca
Bishop Antonio Jackson Jr.
Cameron Gresham
Terry Elkington
Ekeke Monday
Jairo Chiran
Greg Seme
Dom Jose Fernando de Faria
João Francisco Silva
Christopher Stephen Jenks
Oh Mori Jieun
Apóstol Julio Garcia Quintero
Blessed Henry
Vircha Lovegospelquartet
Samuel Gilmore
Sunny Side MB Church
Psalmuel Mutuma
SN Motha
Gabriel Motsoeneng
Nyambura Dominic
Biruma Chris Erieza
Min James B Kpambu
David King Dorsett
Eddie Pitt Sr.
Thomas Joseph
Andrew’s Church Edidi
Bishop Kabiru
Malcolm Barnes
Abid Christopher
Crossoflife Revival
Dhikange Moses Lbn
David Keith Flowers Sr
Samuel Fredericks
Dr-yizreel Floyd
Aljen Anthony
Shalom Miracles Pentecostal
Evangelist John Whyte Opio
ReverendChukwuma Igwe
Pst Samson Inayat
Herman Battle
Louis A Dickens
Pst Mike Nnady
Dennis M. John
John D Wallace
Pianist Luckyson
Bernard Tann
Gloire Derniere Maison
Minister Courtney Stanley
Joshua Bleesing
ProphetShane ShemarFord
Kevin Hill
Marsha Scott
Bishop T. Michael Dupree
Darryl Udell
James A Willis
Eadie Pastor Sharell
Rodesha Griffin
Stallard Church
Bp Georges von Ebel
Jim Russell
Okello Jophiter
Bishop E. Blake
Manolo Gonzalez
Antonio Canzano
Malcolm Keleawe Hee
Miguel Fernando Tomicha
Iglesia Colombiana Reformada Anglicana
Prophete Esaïe Donavann Lolangoye
Javier DT
Ricardo Romero
P Geovanny Zurita
Jeff Campos
Svetoslav Vassileff
Diácono Eber Fernandes de Almeida
Bishop Abiud Masinde
Oldřich Augustin Král
Kyle Haden Ofm
Trevon Edwards
Dom Jorge Dos Santos Costa
Avacum Mitropolit
Ekene Okolo
Jeannot Dossa
Santa Cruz Resurrection
Monk Seraphim
Elias Joseph
Obispo Julio Rivera Gonzalez
Javed Naik
Jan Underwood
Reverendo Alejandro
Dismas Sayre
John Jairo Arbelaez L
Musonge John
John Daniel
Mauricio Isaías Largaespada Umaña
Edgar Giraldo
Julio Balza Tati
Bladimir Pedraza
Diácono Anglicano Leonardo Navarrete Ramirez
Leo Egido
Daniel Brandenburg
Frei Marcelo de Jesus
Osneiver Alexander Herrera
Willy Polo
Obispo Mauricio Vesga
Ezekiel Olusola Oluwadare
Tim Connelly
Joseph Farrell
FrMartin Linebach
Carlos Alberto Gómez Herrera
Alexis Hernández
David Bridges
Fr-Zeki Zitoun
Іван Андрухів
Marc Morales del Castillo
Robert Randall Bagwell
Jose Vicente Ybanez Tin-ga

Eden Apostolic Church
Joshua Lee Applewood
Sonya Bobo
Patrick Chandler
Nhlapo Themba
Prophetic Impact
Nick Samuels
Pierre Gardy Fontaine
Wayne Green
Biship Frank Selassie
Deborah Vails
Willie James
Christopher A. Lyde
Apostle Lockett
Prophet Km Livingood
Rickey Smith
Pentecostal Temple
Andre’ L. Gambrell
Nii Lartey
Louis Love
Cross Bearer
Keith David Jones
Randy J. Wyatt Chaplain
Donnie Roy Johnson
Apostle Jeremiah Turay
PastorJoseph Frederick Arthur
Pastor Luis Fernando Contreras Tobar
Cog Butuan
Edwin Rodriguez
DrJean Orel Pointdujour
Michael Whitmire
Prophetéss Faith ApstGabriel Kretchy
Patrick Dopson
Kelvin McCune
Derrick-Rebecca Norris
Treva Puckett
Tau Larmenius
Robin Brown
Elder Mike Jones-Pastor
Bishop Abraham Aidoo
PastorChristopher Asingua Samonte
Bishop Theophilus Ugochukwu
Pastor Kashif
Charleswesley Schmier
PastorGreg Crawford
Tshepiso Tshepho Promise
George Carter
Chantre Antoine Ngwem
Evangelist Owusu Boateng
Pst Jude O Godwin
Ferdinand Urbano
Mason Isaiah Bland
Emmanuel Omobhude
Jeffter Mang’ongo Eshiwani
Kenneth Tate
D Marcus Jordan Sr.
DrPaul Crites
Don Burks
Apostle Ikpoba Blessed
PastorWaqas Iqbal
Alvin Olivier
Claudia Petgrave
Elder Earnest Mcgee
LA Mi-sion ES Evangelizar Orgullosamente Vetero
Bishop Donnell Benson
Patricia Kant Roberts
Ps Themba Mlambo
Ales Dubrouski
Jorge Márcia Pina
Margaret Watson
Diócesis Misionera De Santiago Apostol
Bishop Majiba
Armando Ricardo Benitez
FirstLady A M Robinson
Marsha Johnson
Efoé Koumako
Bishop-elect Paul
Freddie James Shelton
Bartholomew Segu
Père Stéphane
Allen Jones
Юрий Помазан
Kelvin C. Brooks
Juliano Bernardino Godoy
Thomas Patrick Bradshaw
Michael Tetsuya Kawaguchi
Albeiro Riascos
Angel G. Roque
Nigel Mumford
Juan José Calles Garzón
Tony Lappin
Bruno Eduardo
Geoffrey Nganda
Vincent S. Townes
ReejoyceTina Pastor Sealey
Glory Jesus
Evangelist Benjamin Ben
Jonathan Bennett
Kevin White
Ken Harris
Pulpits Podiums
Anointed Oversea Khubana
Shafqat Shahzad Pastor
Maya Young
Pastor-Dennis Spears
Valentine Missionary
Willie Robinson
William G. Davis
Evans Mothogoane
Reinhard Arendse
Golden Aires
Emmanuel Mulenga Mwape
Stephen Johnson
Evangelist Deborah Nelson
Cove Presbyterian
Bishop Wesley Johnson
MinisterChris Ikenna
Rvd D William Roche
Alonzo D Hatchett Jr.
Kingsley Nkwocha
Johnny Qoroya
Bishop Ricky Town
Maurice R Coffee
ReginaldShenita TeamLise
Bishop Earl Herron
Fezyhape Notsoki
Beulah Apostolic
Tyrone Thomas
Casim Gomez
Oladeji Johnson Adewale
Amille K. Moore
Kirby Clements
Pst Valentine Mbachu
Iyke Ubawuchi
Revd Samuel Nwabu
Apostle Tammy Alexander
Rev Patrick Watila
Afm Central Tabernacle Stanger
Pamela Farmer Owens
Bramwel Mwangala
Bishop Fred Aghedo
John Moore
Dee Brooker
Prince Godwin Eroh II
Freedom Embassy Ministries Int’l
Sr pastor Byron Brennen
Bishop Andres Tubbs
Lee Will
Scott Frye
Fred Car Guy
Daniel McClendon
Pastor-Richie Patterson III
Nona McKenzie Parker
Bishop Paul Zakuonadi
Minister Curtis Goode
Pastor Luther Hickley
Power Pollards
Nippon Bible Baptist Church
Leroy Foster
Roy Foster
Rev. Milan Sona
Jesús Rodríguez
Uzoma Jude Uzoma
Lightfor Nations Church
Praise Thaiparambil
Luis Felipe Oliveros Gómez
Nathaniel Burge
Evangelist Zacks Akeem
Apostle Bertha Jones
Rock Fremont
Bishop JT Cohen
Pastor McKivett
Rvda D Elsie Ramos
Bishop M. Collins
Andrew Lee
Francisco Rodrigues
Daniel Paul Richards
Thamsanqa William Mbakaza
Mons Willam Ariza Enciso
Leonardo Andrés Segura González
Apstle Ruben Broadnax
Sharon EdmondMinistries
Christopher Gogovi
Elijah O Bonsu
Kenneth Kelly
Evangelist Prince Joshua
David Rodriguez
Arzobispo Josue
Shepherdtess Rose E. Pruitt-Wells
Lance Jeter
Reggie Hall
Prophet-Benedicto Pineda
Apostle Tweneboah Kodua Nana
Reginald Burrell
Evangelist Rupert Hunt
Joseph Curry
Pst Philemon Na Mary
Tsir Edwin TheCorrector
José Viladecans
Clarice L. Staten
Joel Patrick
Arun Masih
Robert Bagonza
Stacey Musiq Shannon
Theophilus Fallah
Bishop Joe Tause
Fr-Nicholas Cucchiaro
Ayodele Lawal
Chucks Amaefule
Stephen Charles Muvengei
Isaac S. Sato
Mark D’Alessio
Matthew L. Buterbaugh
Scott Elliott
Julia McCray Goldsmith
Apostol Pedro Romero
Misión Anglicana San Pablo Apóstol
Pastor-Kolluri Ebenezer
Bishop Ernesto M. Balili
Glory david Sunday
Mary Rodriguez
Veikko Nuoraho
Damiano Ercole Di Lernia
Bernard Eugene Sheffield
John August Swanson
Raymond Chukwu
Bill Greaver
Reverendo Noé Méndez Sánchez
Ojarigho Victory
Catedral Anglicana Patriarca San José
Monsignor Dan Ramos
Sadhu Daniel
Anele Ngodwane
Juan Ramon Lopez
Greg Farrand
PastorEdvige M. LeCroix
Laurence Martin
Bishop Ray A. Lee
ChaplaincyTraining InstituteOhio
Omar Escalante Saravia
Bill Bennett
Kelly Daniels
PastorDawn Davis-Lawrence
Regis Augusto Domingues
Emanuel Church’s
Angelo Rui Costa
Diácono Clóvis Ferreira
Eugênio Santos Santos
Victor Calderón Rodríguez
William F. von Rolappe
P Macario Gabriel Romero
J.r. Collins
Mogollón Juan Carlos
Renato Pereira
Carlos Mario Hurtado Nuñez
Javier Palacio
Timothy Mason
Damaskinos Martin Njoroge
Carlos Ariel Acosta
Sfc Goltz Chaplain Recruiting
FrOliver Lamin Williams
Brendan Barnicle
Samuel Louis-Charles
William Coffas
Toni Lumanadio
Archidiócesis Misionera Ortodoxa Griega De America
Sapigao Jerry
FS Saint Benoît Labre
P. Francisco Pérez Bugedo
Juan Carlos N. Cruz
Ari Fialho Júnior
Adrian Trimlett-Glover
Joseph Nzwii
Malcolm Keleawe Hee
Miguel Fernando Tomicha
Iglesia Colombiana Reformada Anglicana
Prophete Esaïe Donavann Lolangoye
Jesus Manuel Recio
Daniel Vargas González
Cristofer Luna
Hernando Lopez Bedoya
Pbro Juan Güzman
Mons Emilio Orjuela Sarmiento
Roman Foksinski
Raady Alla
Benjamin Wallis
Saul Manuel Maimoni Aguiar
Bishop Michael Scalzi

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