Requirements for WAC Scholarships 

The WAC does not in and of itself give Scholarships; but via the generosity of benefactors we grant Scholarships to deserving students. Students that otherwise would not be able attend school. Thus, our requirements for Scholarships are in conjunction with the grantor’s request of which we are in agreement before accepting said Scholarships.

Perspective Scholarship recipients (APPLICANTS) need to be a member of the WAC and must have a letter of recommendation from a bishop of the WAC.
*Scholarships granted (only) to current graduating High School Seniors

*Scholarships will not be given to those with criminal records. Also, within the time of the process of the scholarship if any criminal activity should take place, the scholarship will be withdrawn  

*If while in scholarship education an applicant becomes pregnant within that time period, the scholarship will be withdrawn the following semester

*All Scholarships recipients MUST live on campus for the first year

*All Scholarship Recipients MUST maintain a 2.5 grade average; otherwise the Scholarship will be withdrawn

*If not an WAC Member, Recipients must attend an WAC parish no less than once annually for worship 

Applying Script
If the applicant’s guardian or family’s annual income resource is $26,100. 00 US or more, this application cannot be considered. Proceed if otherwise in compliance.
How do I apply for an WAC Scholarship?

Through the:
WAC Central Office
(In writing only via letter; Emails will only be used for introduction)

How does the WAC award grants?
*Grants, while awarded by the WAC, are not funded by this body but by benefactors.  It is therefore necessary that all requirements must be met and will be investigated for verification.

**The WAC seeks to enhance the vision of young people in making career choices; thus, its task is to seek funding for what we deemed worthy students and those who have done well in their high school education but cannot afford college financial entrance.

***We guarantee no scholarship to anyone even if they qualify to the WAC requirements.  Applicants must have the consent of the funding benefactor, guided by the WAC recommendation.
Grants will support only the applicant; not family members. 

****When can the Scholarship begin?
Scholarships Begin August 1, upon the approval of the WAC and the benefactor.



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