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Archbishops’ Council

The Archbishops’ Council is a charity, set up to coordinate, promote, aid and further the work and mission of the Worldwide Anglican Church. It does this by providing worldwide support to the Church in provinces, dioceses and locally, working closely with the House of Bishops and other bodies of the Church. 


To bring more of the people to the faith of Christ through the Worldwide Anglican Church.

To strengthen the Christian faith and life of all who worship God in the Worldwide Anglican Church.

To ensure there are sufficient ordained and lay ministers of the required gifts and qualities who are effectively deployed to enable the Worldwide Anglican Church to fulfil its mission and to support those ministers in their calling, development, ministry and retirement.

Common good
To contribute to transforming our society and communities more closely to reflect the Kingdom of God through loving acts of neighbourliness and service to all.

To promote high-quality Christian education in Worldwide Anglican Church schools and voluntary education settings, and through our Church contribution to other schools, colleges, further and higher education institutions.

Resources for the Church
To help provinces, dioceses and cathedrals to be most effective in their mission, by providing cost-effective worldwide and specialist services and advice.

To ensure all children and vulnerable adults are safe in the Church.

To operate the worldwide governance arrangements of the Worldwide Anglican as cost-effectively as possible in pursuit of the Church’s mission.

A Church for all people
To be a Church that can provide a home for all people worldwide.

General Synod

The General Synod is the assembly of the Worldwide Anglican Church.
The General Synod considers legislation affecting the whole of the Worldwide Anglican Church, formulates new forms of worship, debates matters of international importance.

House of Bishops

The House of Bishops is one of three bodies that make up the General Synod, all members of the House of Bishops are members of the General Synod. They meet separately to talk about issues such as episcopal ministry, mission and international issues that affect the Church.

The House of Bishops has a role in matters relating to doctrine, liturgy or Sacrament. Also, it has the right to considers and approves legislation and approves the annual budget of the Church.

The House of Bishops is made up of thirteen Bishops with seniority of service status. In addition, some Provincial Episcopal Visitors (other bishops and Episcopal Directors) may attend and speak at meetings of the House but are unable to vote.

College Of Bishops

All serving bishops and Episcopal Directors in the Worldwide Anglican Church are members of the College of Bishops.

All serving bishops and Episcopal Directors

Conclave Of Bishops

The Conclave Of Bishops is the highest body in the General Synod and the highest decision-making body in the Worldwide Anglican Church.

The member of the Conclave Of Bishops is a tenure appointment. The appointment must be approved unanimously by the prelates of the Conclave Of Bishops.  

Corporate Executive Committee

The Corporate Executive Committee is in Kampala, Uganda chaired by the Cheif Executive Officer and assisted by the Cheif Operation Officer. The Corporate Executive Committee is responsible for administering a corporation soundly.

Worldwide Anglican Church (Central Office) is registered and incorporated in Uganda.

The Central Office of the Worldwide Anglican Church,
P.O.Box 35878, Kampala, Uganda.
Telephone: +256-772-514-100
Email: wac [@]

(As for 6 Feb 2018)



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