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About Us

We warmly welcome you to the Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) website, which is one of our dynamic social media platforms. WAC is one of the largest churches in the world today and was founded in 1921 with one solid mission of evangelism and service – namely, the ‘Great Commission.’ We achieve this by being a culturally diverse, dynamic, and loving family with churches throughout the world.  We are honored to be part of the rich tapestry of the ancient Anglican tradition with many of our clergies coming from  Roman Catholic and Anglican seminaries, whilst others have a Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal background before being called to the Anglican Church. We are excited and honored to be celebrating our Centenary year where many of our clergies will be gathering in Uganda, East Africa later this year for a week long conference, synod, and celebratory gathering. 

If you are looking for a congregation in your diocese, an ecumenical partner, seeking Holy Orders, or are ordained clergy, please feel comfortable connecting with us for an application form. We encourage you to scroll through our website and visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sites where we share our news and teachings on a daily basis.


After scrolling through our main page, we invite you to also click on our page tabs above for more information. We have also included a translation bar above for convenience of translation into twelve (12) languages. 

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Priest's Desk


The Worldwide Anglican Church is a dynamic International family who prays together and meets daily. Our Seminaries are exceptional, and our ongoing episcopal and leadership training is second to none. We are very proud to humbly serve in some of the most economically challenged communities in the world, and we place much emphasis on a mission with purpose.


If you feel called to the priesthood, are a Chaplain, or Bishop looking for a new Anglican Church that is conservative and completely unwavering on important issues, accepting of the five-fold ministry, and accepting of qualified women to the episcopacy, then please contact us via our email link below for an application form, which is the first of several steps in the process.


Upon receipt, a member of our Selection Committee will reach out to you to discuss your calling and to arrange your initial interview. 



Across the World, our clergies are passionately committed to working with our business and non profit partners, interfaith religious leaders and diverse congregations of various denominations. We regularly join together for prayer, community projects, memorials and a myriad of councils and forums where we work as many voices with one common goal -  to promote unity, peace, and economic/social development with understanding and  consistency.  


Together, we confront the frustrations, difficulties, and ironies of the modern pluralistic world, and we are able to promote the values of  honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion, mutual support and sensitivity throughout society to demonstrate the value of human dignity. We respect our brothers and sisters of different denominations and backgrounds, remembering that unity is something desired by God.




During the 1960s and 1970s, our Church played a massive role in the fight against Apartheid in South Africa and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the United States of America.


On June 3rd each year in Uganda, Archbishop Lwanga Tusubira marks the Feast of St. Charles Lwanga and companions, also known as the Ugandan Martyrs (or the African Martyrs). The story is not particularly well known in the United States, but in Africa the martyrs are an important part of the Catholic (and Anglican) tradition. The Worldwide Anglican Church is a member of the the Christian Ecumenical Council of Uganda comprising of six Churches who join in remembrance of this Martyrs day. 



Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. Our educational methods include teaching, training, discussion and directed research, which promotes sustainable development through our schools and seminaries in Uganda, Nepal, India, and the USA.


For more information of the St. Agnes Christiaan Education Center, Trinity Theological Seminary, and the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas, please visit our Seminaries drop-down page at the top of our website.  

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We engage in ongoing advocacy to insure all lives and rights are preserved and supported, ensuring all women have access to quality healthcare, screening, and unbiased counselling, prenatal, and postnatal care. In the event of a miscarriage, stillbirth, or termination, counselling, and memorial services are offered to comfort families by giving them an opportunity to light a candle and name the infant. 

We are dedicated to teaching children about end of life, and learning the wisdom, cultural and generational traditions from their elders. Much emphasis is given on working within the community, and to instilling a sense of responsibility towards elders. We advocate for quality healthcare for our senior citizens, and insist in them all being treated with dignity and respect. Our WAC Warrior groups will be engaged in nutritional programs throughout the world in 2021 as we strive to ensure no man, woman, or child goes to bed hungry or is forced to drink unclean water in unsanitary conditions.  

During these challenging times, families throughout the world are actively participating in our services, as we answer their call for pastoral and practical help. We are passionately committed to supporting our families during this global pandemic, to sharing important health information, and to helping parents find employment and housing. We understand the challenges everyone is facing, and we are working diligently to answer calls for urgent assistance including food distribution, essential supplies,  protective masks, and counselling for those feeling the isolation and stress of Covid-19 within our communities. 


Humanitarian Hope

As a Christian charity, the Worldwide Anglican Church is committed to helping all men, women, and children who are victims of war, poverty, disaster, disease, famine, and displacement. We work across the world, addressing critical needs such as food, clean water, education, and shelter. We also help wounded soldiers and their families and homeowners devastated by natural disasters.

When disasters strike around the world, the Worldwide Anglican Church responds immediately, quickly mobilizing staff and experienced relief workers to partner with local churches to provide critically needed disaster relief to people in need. No matter where we go to help the least of these, we always go in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We have responded to devastating earthquakes, typhoons, droughts, fires, and floods in India, Australia, the USA, the Bahamas, South America, and Nepal, and to large-scale refugee crises in Africa. During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have sent our teams to distribute essential PPE, clothing, food, and water to communities around the world.

Our clergies and volunteers continue to work hard rebuilding and repairing homes for hurricane and tornado victims whilst ministering to persecuted Christians, children in poverty, women who are victims of domestic violence, and human trafficking victims.

Please donate and help us take the hope of the Gospel to the desperate, oppressed, and impoverished.

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Meet The Leaders 

WAC Warrior Men and WAC Women Warriors are inspirational global Christian movements of the Worldwide Anglican Church working to empower men and women to develop wise leadership within communities, strengthen families and advocate for change based on Proverbs:18, and Proverbs:31. Our members work as volunteers in local communities, putting their faith into discerning proactive action by giving individuals in need a helping hand and enabling communities (family by family) to have the confidence and skills to transform their lives in a sustainable way.

- Please visit our page in the drop down menu to learn how you can become a part of this dynamic union -

Archbishop Dr. Edward Abraham & the Hon. Mary Roshel Amwayi


Archbishop Christopher & the Hon. Sarah Lwanga Tusubira

President & Vice President

Archbishop Dr. Akinbode & Mrs. Bukola Oke

Vice President


As we begin to receive the Covid-19 Vaccines, many people are thinking of far away places. Perhaps you are planning to take a relaxing trip, or even imagining the thrill of an adventurous vacation. 


The vast majority of the Worldwide Anglican Churches are located in exciting locations across North and South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. On an Adventure Vacation through WAC, and Trekking Mart USA, you can get to know an area as it really is, rather than staying at expensive resorts. Visit national parks, enjoy the scenery, meet the local people, immerse in the  culture, the food, and the villages.  Come and be part of local cultural programs that feature dances and songs with traditional instruments, and see stunning wildlife in their natural habitat.

We are currently planning our tours for 2021-2024 for Nepal, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Barbados and South America. We will be posting more information on this website.

To subscribe for updates, please complete our subscription email at the bottom of this page. 

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The Worldwide Anglican Church World headquarters is registered and incorporated in Uganda, and registered in USA, South Sudan, Colombia and India.

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